Saturday, May 10, 2008

Story Hours

Hours and hours -- first over an hour waiting in line to buy "The Host" and get the wristband, then an hour and a half in rush hour traffic, then one hour in line just to get into the venue, then an hour wait for Stephenie Meyer to talk for 30 minutes, then about an hour and a half to get the books signed...and we were in Row 5! We got outta there by 9:30 PM, and would bet Stephenie would still be there at least until 11 PM, easy.

This was just a partial shot of the crowd. Again, well behaved, but certainly diverse.
Each book tour/signing I've attended has been different, realizing the events are controlled by the publishers and the contracts, not by the author. Still interesting to note:

With Stephenie:
  • You had to have The Host book on top if you had any other of her books (up to 2), with a Post-it and your name.
  • She would only personalize The Host, but would sign her name on your other two books
  • I asked if she would sign The New York Times ad for our library to display when I gave them the book. "Please?" - "No Exceptions!," said the Winged Guard Monkeys. Swear I felt I was in a scene from "The Wizard of Oz" Even the stage had emerald green curtains.
  • No photos during the book signing - either of you and her (I could see that, it would take forever), but no photos of her signing the books. They announced they would confiscate cell phones and cameras if you did. And as backup there were two police officers on either side of her and four handlers...and people posted on the way out in case you thought you could turn around and snap a photo.
  • But you could take a photo of her during the Q & A, hence the sorely-lacking zoom feature on my camera result. (insert grainy blurry photo here)

With Joel Osteen at Costco for "Your Best Life Now":

  • No photos
  • No personalization
  • However his wife Victoria hanging out in the Food Court did sign and personalize my mother's copy. She's even more beautiful in person, too.
  • And he did say, "God Bless You!" Works for me.

David Cassidy, "C'mon Get Happy":

  • Would only sign this book ("No albums or lunchboxes!" said the signs outside.).
  • But would personalize it
  • No photos with David, but this was 1994 and my reflexes and knees were younger so I quickly tossed my camera to another in line and knelt down near David. Close enough. Note the yellow Caution/Crime Scene tape and the sheriff behind us! (And in important matters of sibling rivalry, "Ha, ha Sue! I got David's picture and autograph!" I did buy and get him to sign a copy for her, too. But I still have the photo!)

Garth Nix on the other hand, was more than accommodating for L, earning and keeping a fan for life:

  • Signing all of her books
  • Personalizing
  • Posing for photos
  • Actually talking to her about favorite books and authors

Again, kudos to Barnes and Noble and the school district for a well-coordinated event. It certainly wasn't Stephenie's fault her popularity and Little-Brown prevented her from enjoying the fans and vice versa.