Wednesday, January 18, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 18 - Daffy

Plexiglass, practice and progress all go together!  And you actually try it yourself and figure it out yourself - I thought all four of these show and tell the story.  Minus the *colorful* soundtrack (lol-  #*@%!!)  I went to Texas Art Supply yesterday to get the Daniel Smith paints Nancy used and suggested to make the background - Indanthrone Blue, Anthaquinoid Red.  The only other colors were Quin Gold (WN, the single pigment DS is on my list) and Sennelier Naples Yellow Deep and Lemon Yellow from my half pan palette.

Whoops, vase disappeared. Patience lesson #84921
Liking the iridescent vase look, background still a little too wet

Love the background. and the whatever you call the part of the daffodil center edges.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

30 Days 30 Paintings - Day 17 - Practice, practice, practice, practice

I like the leaves on this one - I had actually reached the point I was
just slapping and throwing paint on the left

I can see why people are nuts over Sennelier yellows!
This one. . .lol
a reminder not to take yourself so seriously and laugh

Good example of just letting the colors run and play

I attended a Paint-In on Saturday to learn skills, tips and techniques working in wet-in-wet. I couldn't wait for Hobby Lobby to open yesterday to buy a piece of plexiglass and put my new Sennelier half pan palette through its paces. (They are all 10" x 8") And I will paint eight more this afternoon with another another palette. And then another. And another. By the time I work through them all, I should have eleventy-billion sunflowers and a better grasp of this technique.  Each painting so far I've learned and loved something about it.  There is certainly a lot of freedom and fun just practicing and playing.  #NoFear #SunflowersTheSeries #BuyMorePaper

Monday, January 16, 2017

Adventures with Brusho - Part Eighteen - Gray-Diations of ice and Winter

I am loving the Brusho in Gray or Grey!  I feel it is more green/indigo/orange/red than Black.  And it plays nicely with a few sprinkles of Purple.

Here again I used Gillette Foamy shaving cream and Strathmore Bristol Smooth, 11" x 14".  This time I scraped off with an index card what was left of the shaving cream peaks on the original print - most had "puffed" off and little remained.

Master print

This was the first/master print. The thicker squiggles of shaving cream acted like a soft resist. Most of the shaving cream "poofed" off as it dried. Unlike on watercolor paper, it didn't stick around. You can see where I did push off some of the areas with an index card.  Good to know you can "etch" and scrape a little for additional texture.

Secondary print
Second printing

Third print (with a few more shakes of gray and purple and a little spritz of water
I think it looks frosty icy

Third printing

Fourth print - I wet this again with water and wadded/crumpled it up good. (Who hasn't thought of doing this to their Brusho painting?!)  Actually the Bristol Smooth did smooth out a little. I like the random creases and texture from the paper.   I will try this technique again with more wet paint.  However with this color pigment, I think it looks like ice or frost with less paint.

Fourth and crumpled

Here are the close ups --

Original master print

Second print

Third print

Fourth and crumpled

Sunday, January 15, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 15

I attended a paint-in workshop to learn techniques and ideas for working watercolor wet-in-wet.  These are my three practice pieces.
"Mountain view on the way to Galveston"

Practicing working wet in wet.   And learned how to paint mountains as a bonus!

Three colors -- I used Winsor & Newton Indigo for the sky and water reflection, Daniel Smith's  Quinacridone Gold and Olive Green.

Snow Trees
Learned about another cool Daniel Smith color - Indanthrone Blue.  A favorite triad of the instructor, she uses this blue with Anthraquinoid Red (I used Alizarin Crimson here) and Quinacridone Gold.  It makes pretty oranges, greens and purples and darks mixed all together.  You can also use Prussian Blue.

I liked the shadowy effect in the background and then when it dried, using the rigger brush to make the trees creating my own black and my Daniel Smith Lunar Black.
Path of light
This was so much fun - wet in wet Daniel Smith's Undersea Green separates into Ultramarine blue and yellow and pushes into the treeline of Winsor & Newton French Ultramarine Blue.  The sky is a mix of Winsor & Newton Alizarin Crimson and French Ultramarine Blue.  I mixed the two together and then double-loaded the brush edges of each separate color  I added a few touches of Alizarin to the green for more fun color play.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 11

9" x 6"
"Relaxed, Refreshed and Better Than Before"

What my favorite yoga teacher always closes with after Savasana.  And how I felt this morning after yoga and after painting this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 10 -- Part 17 of Adventures with Brusho

9" x 6"
Inspired by the artwork inside Twinings Australian Afternoon tea box, and opportunity to play with my new Sennelier watercolors and a new Princeton round brush in a Size 7 (?).  And of course, a few shakes of Dark Brown Brusho.  Looks like spilled tea.

Monday, January 09, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 9

7 1/2" x 13 1/2"

I am actually quite happy with this.  And beginning to enjoy painting still lifes.   I was trying to use warm and cool color combinations, practice my shadows and compose an interesting painting.  And I incorporated "Picasso Lines" - I saw a collection of his line drawings at The Menil (which just closed).

I'm also doing preplanning in my sketchbook first -
I love this sketchbook for my watercolor classes.
It was actually recommended by my drawing teacher.
It's a good size, it has lots of pages
And it can take water media experimentation without protest
It is the perfect classwork/workshop workbook sketchbook for me
I found this particular size on Amazon, but support and check your local art supply stores first!
- to visualize and try different colors, perspectives, etc.  I get so excited to just start painting, this not only cools my jets but also allows me to try even more options of what I see in my head before I commit to just jumping in and painting myself into the proverbial corner.

Also a reminder to "box it in"
draw a line around the composition to "see" the painting
I liked the size and shape of this
LOL, my "Stand Up For Circles"   Not a political statement but a reminder to stand up while sketching to get better circles, and actually better drawings/paintings.

I also like to put all those stickers we get in the mail, on fruit, in the stores, souvenirs, etc. on my sketchbooks.  One of the Craftsy instructors does that and I thought that was a cool idea.  Makes your sketchbook unique and easy for you (and others) to find, and honestly, how often do we collect these stickers and just stick in a drawer and forget.  Use and enjoy them!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 8 --- and Part 16 of Adventures with Brusho

You are probably saying, "but I haven't seen eight paintings?!"  However, some of the previously posted Brusho ones I counted.

And here are three more.  I watched Sandy Allnock's "Watercolor Flower Series #11: Paint a Brusho Garden"    She had good advice and made it look easy.  I highly recommend checking out her other videos on her channel.

I tried three times with these, with varying results.   Part could be perhaps the paper was too "grabby" with the Brusho and I could not dissolve the pigments fast enough, despite sprinkling and quickly trying to blend onto already wet paper.  Some of them were more staining and less movable/forgiving.  Or they dissolved too much and I couldn't achieve enough value/contrast to make the petals pop.  With the last one, you can sense my frustration as I gave up and just randomly shook the canisters, sprayed more water on top and wadded up Saran Wrap and walked away.  I hardly think that is painting per se.  While watercoloring is unpredictable as a rule, Brusho can be fun, but off the charts random.  I think some of my best pieces over the past few weeks were my "mistakes" or "what the _ell" moments.

Too pale and blended - added extra Scarlet strokes
Frustrated by the Leaf and Emerald Greens attaching/attacking the paper and not letting go

I couldn't get the greens darker or blend again, so I sprinkled Brown over it!
A little bit better control with the rose, though

I still couldn't achieve more value in the rose I wanted.
I even sprinkled Brown in it - not a good move in hindsight.
On the positives -- I discovered Brusho plays beautifully with Yupo paper. If you want to make pretty backgrounds for cards and journals, another point in Brusho's favor. Leading a Girl Scout troop or camp art activity - they would love this! Especially with the different options of using shaving cream to make "prints" and spray starch to disperse the colors.

However, in trying to paint-paint, I think the pigments are too random and hard to control, at least for me at this point in the Brusho learning curve.  I have difficulty with the colors, even with twelve, to achieve darker values.    They can be staining and unforgiving.

I would still definitely recommend buying a few colors and playing around with them.  There are lots of videos/YouTubes, Facebook groups and blogs available with good advice and tips.  I hope some of my posts were helpful in showcasing my Brusho journey in discovering what it could/could not do for me.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Adventures with Brusho - Part Fifteen - Stop and Stencil

Alcohol can stop the pigment movement on previously Brusho'd paper.  In this example, I used water and Brusho on watercolor paper.  When I decided to add another round/shake of Brusho in Blue and then spritzed alcohol on it - it did not blend.  Instead it created a slight movement and quickly halted dotted effect.

You can really see the different pigments of the Brown separate and do their thing

Using Brusho on Bristol Vellum Artist Tiles with a stencil created a pretty effect.  I placed the stencil on the paper, shook Brown Brusho all over and then sprayed with water.

The second one was a print with the remaining wet Brusho on top of the stencil.  I flipped the stencil onto the paper face down and removed it.  I then sprinkled Ultramarine to the top of the print and added more water.  I liked how the colors ran together.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 1

Galveston Seawall - West End
Christmas 2016

The first of thirty days of watercolor paintings!  I joined a Facebook challenge to paint one watercolor a day.    I like these kind of push/prod incentives.   No prizes, just pride.  Well, we shall see.  You need to take a few baby steps each day to get up and running, or at least stroll at a good pace.

This was painted from a photograph of my husband and daughter walking toward the West end of the Galveston Seawall Christmas Day afternoon.  It really was that foggy!  The light from the sun made a nice contrast.   

Working wet in wet on 9" x 6" Aquabee watercolor paper.  I used the Black Brusho, which when mixed with water completely, kind of turns Payne's Gray, with occasional bits of blue.  

Here's a look when left to its own devices/separated pigments.   
Brusho - Black

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Fourteen - "Fade to Black"

Here's all the fun I had playing with Brusho Black --

Look at all the colors! Sprinkled with the shaker and spritzed with water.

Trying to do a wash -- I thought the left side, which was done with dipping a wet brush into loose crystals on dry paper, shaded nicely and kept more of the pigment.  I wet the paper first on the right side and then used the wet brush/crystals, turning it into shades of gray.

So I thought...maybe this would make a nice background for a night sky? Only make it darker.   I would add some masking fluid for stars.

Not quite the look I anticipated!  Pretty however.  I did not wet the paper this time and was careful not to overmix on the paper to avoid graying.

I do love Brusho and Saran Wrap, and I am still favoring using this technique with the Bristol paper over the watercolor paper for my defined edges and color.
Saran Wrap on Aquabee watercolor paper
Saran Wrap on Bristol paper
And now what is turning into my favorite Brusho effects - making prints!

I still use the watercolor paper as the base, really going overboard with sprinkle and spritz.
This is what's left
watercolor paper at the end of printing

The Bristol paper makes great prints - this is the artist tile size

As a point of comparison, here is my workout with Brusho in Gray/Grey.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Thirteen - "In a lather"

You can mix Brusho with shaving cream for a dimensional effect and to use in making prints.  I found using watercolor paper as the base and using Bristol Vellum to make "prints" worked well.
The shaving cream fragrance will dissipate after awhile.  I used Gillette Foamy.

 Center upper is the base watercolor paper

 The purple series. . .
And what you are left with (the watercolor paper) is pretty, too!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Twelve - "Sanitized and Germ-Free"

Brusho on Yupo with alcohol spray - love this effect!

 First I sprinkled Brusho and then sprayed a little bit of water.  I went to my garden and picked geranium (on the left) and plumbago (the right) blossoms and placed on the paper.  A few spritzes from the alcohol sprayer made for a pretty floral effect.

Brusho on Yupo paper, spray with rubbing alcohol and then when it is almost dry, add a few light spritzes of alcohol.

Our local grocery store, Kroger, has their store brand of alcohol already in a sprayer.  Convenient and refillable and ready to play and spray.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday - Adventures with Brusho - Part Eleven - "Playing with Fire"

A friend in one of the Brusho Facebook groups suggested using Brusho and Saran Wrap to make "fire"

I am still experimenting with different papers - but this time I am favoring the watercolor paper and the Brusho/Saran Wrap combo slightly over the Bristol.

Aquabee Watercolor paper
Saran Wrap

Strathmore Bristol paper
Saran Wrap
I used Lemon, Yellow, Scarlet and Brilliant Red.  With a few dashes of Orange for good measure.