Thursday, January 19, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 19 -- Part 19 of Adventures with Brusho -- The Daffiness continues

OK, so this time I thought I would actually "paint" with Brusho using a paintbrush.  All the splatter and shave cream and abstract attempts aside.

I used three types of paper with varying results as you will see.    I finished each with a spritz of the Brusho metallic acrylic in Shimmer Yellow.  Each time I painted the daffodil first.

Arches watercolor paper 140#

The best result was with Arches 140# cold press
The Shimmer spray spread a little, yet retained the metallic effect, more visibly when tilting towards light.
I liked how all the colors (yellow, lemon yellow orange, blue, brown) blended in the petals, but I felt it was more a lucky coincidence.  You don't really get a second chance with Brusho once you lay the color down, especially on a grabby surface. I kept dropping in color, blending (trying) and hoping for the best.  I thought it made a nice shadow, but with more pigment on the brush I had difficulty softening the edges of the vase.  I was able to dip my brush in my water jar and add effects inside.
Bristol Smooth
Runner up - Strathmore Bristol Smooth
I thought the Shimmer spray worked the best with this surface
Somehow my brush picked up airborne brown and green in the yellows cup sections.   Not quite the daffodil yellow I was going for.  Easy to get softer edges on the vase, but again, not much lifting.

"Exploding Daffodil"
What in the name of Sam Hill?!
While Yupo does great with the splashing in previous examples, it was like herding kittens trying to control placement with a paintbrush. It was also difficult to get darker values.  I don't recommend painting directly with Brusho on Yupo unless you have a good bad vocabulary.  Hard edges, paint rolling down, going where I didn't want it to go...argh.
The Shimmer spray also activated the airborne invisible Brusho crystals.  I tried to blot them.
Keeping it real here, readers.

I still believe that if you have an open mind to an open result, Brusho can be interesting to paint with.  And the patience and countenance of a saint.   I will reiterate that if you are into card making, journal pages, abstract - Brusho will become your bestest painting buddy.
In the meantime, I have a group date with Daniel and Newton along with my honey, Gustave, later on.

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