Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Tea Time - Did you say more tea, eh? I said Yay!

If you don't have a David's Tea in your city, find someone who does or take a trip!    They have the most delicious and unusual tea flavors and combinations, including (genius!) tea-infused truffles (photo not available of those, as I carefully rationed myself to 1 or 2 per day, and well...)
Let's see -- Miami 1,188...Chicago 1,082 miles. . .

 Apple Cider!

Coffee Cake!
The golden Perfect spoon is also from David's Tea
No more spilled tea!

Nutty and Spice!
I wish they made a candle of this crazy good scent!

Nutty color!
It's probably a good thing the closest David's Tea is over 1,000 miles away.   But then again, there is online ordering...and sales!  All three of these are currently on sale - I may need to restock.   Another bonus is that these teas are so good and flavorful, you don't need to add anything to them.  Move over Teavana, there's a new guy in (out of) town.  I could do a long distance relationship.

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