Friday, March 26, 2010

Yes, more Target Liberty of London!

I'm just having a fun time at Target as a personal Liberty of London shopper for my friends and family -- while also scoring a few treasures for myself.

How many stores, how many times have I been checking for the Maynard Sixty Two Tier Tray? I had given up hope and was expecting the affixing any day of the "Discontinued" gray sticker dot on the shelf label.

While walking towards the home decor section yesterday, by habit my eyes scanned the bottom shelf and GASP! There it was! I think it may have been hiding in the back room and they just put it out - it was a bit dusty with tiny ball bits of styrofoam still attached. After hearing and being warned about all its defects and problems, I gave it a thorough once over and was perfect.

I think the Liberty Mini Journal Set for $6.99 is probably the best Target Liberty bargain if you are looking for a memento of Liberty-mania. Three journals with 50 sheets each. Did you know each one has different paper? The green and purple floral -- which I just discovered is called Maddsie C --is lined. Sixty print is blank. Maynard is graphed squared. All are perfect for noting and sketching sewing inspiration. I even love the 5" x 4" slipcase, it will definitely be repurposed, perhaps as an index card or receipt holder?

Then I got hooked on the acrylic boxes, which are only available in the stores, not at Target online. (Liberty's UK website - yes, go figure. Here's the link.) The Martha Grace 4 x 6 box (3" high) surprisingly quite substantial. I love the optical illusion of the print appearing layered on the cover. I'm storing my lipsticks in it.

I also grabbed the 5 x 7 Sixty box and it was already holding my buttons and thread for upcoming projects in my sewing room. It looked so nice on the table near my sewing machine. But then in another Target I saw it in the black and white Dunclare and decided since my Mom loves orchid purple, I would switch and give her the Sixty floral, since the flower utilized was the purple one. The Pink Dunclare comes in the 4 x 6 size. Then I started to think, wouldn't it be nice to have a set of both prints in both sizes. . .

Spotted! Liberty of London Blue handbag

At the Houston Memorial City Target. There are four of them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Tea Time

Cost: $2 on sale at Kroger
Number of teabags: 18
Caffeine: Yes
Type of tea: White
Steeping time: 3-5 minutes
Double-Dipping potential: Yes, 6 minutes
Mix ins: Milk, sugar
Teabag fragrance: Clove, ginger, cinnamon
Ingredients: Organic white tea, cinnamon, ginger root, allspice, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon flavor, clove oil and cardamon oil
Taste: Spicy, nice after bite without being too peppery
Opinion: With all the tree pollen allergy assaults still going on, my sinuses and I needed a tea break -- something with a kick I could actually taste, but also soothing and comforting at the same time. This tea Rx was perfect! It has a nice aftertaste, too. I liked the idea of White tea combined with Chai. Kudos to Stash once again for unique combinations and affordability!
Rating: 4.5 teabags

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stash Tea at Super Target - Price Reduction!

Super Target has reduced the price of Stash Tea from $2.29 to $1.99. Not a sale, but a price reduction. Yay!

Netflix Stars - Unconditional Love

3.5/5 Pure unexpected bizarre crazy. But ultimately enjoyable and touching. Lots of star power -- in addition to Kathy Bates and Rupert Everett, you'll find Lynn Redgrave, Julie Andrews, Sally Jessy Raphael and Barry Manilow! It clocks in at slightly over 2 hours., Stick with it to the end, you'll be glad you did.

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Fun with Target Liberty of London - Pink Halter Dress into a Skirt

Trust me, my wearing the Liberty of London pink halter dress off the rack would be a definite oh no no no. But I loved the Dunclare Pink print in the 100% cotton and thought it would make an easy transformation into a pretty summer skirt. Here's how --

Remove the ties, hanging loops and label and set aside. Flip the upper knit top to the inside, wrapping around the elastic already built into the dress and allowing some of the pretty pink go to work as a contrast. Stitch in the ditch, using a narrow zig-zag- 2.5 x 2.0 - to maintain the stretch. Trimming the knit is optional. I kept it as it was a little bit tighter and I felt more secure in the fit. Resew the Liberty label; I added a bow from one of the hanging ribbon loops. Find center front and attach the halter ties 2" away from the center point. Again, this draws it in just a little bit more. If your waist is smaller, you may want to create a casing when you flip the the top part of the dress to the inside and insert 3/8" wide elastic to tighten the fit even more. Since the cotton is already gathered into the knit top, no one would be the wiser.

And it's already lined! The finished length, using a size XL was 25 1/2"

Right next to the Liberty of London clothes, there was a display of Mossimo V-Neck Boyfriend Tees for only $8. I grabbed the Pink, Mint and Grey colors - they looked great with the Dunclare Pink. Cute little pocket detail, too.

From a don't to a do in less than 30 minutes!

More Fun with Target Liberty of London!

OK, this morning I finally broke down and grabbed the Ditsy Tote in Dunclare Black. I appreciated the head's up from other bloggers who suggested testing to make sure the drawstrings work on all four openings. The third one I tried did - do a quick check in the store first. It is so much nicer looking when you cinch it in a bit. I really love the Dunclare print in a "linen" fabric. And now that I'm looking at it at home, there's some pretty nice detailing for the $16.99 price -- the magnetic snap...the wider strap width near the top of the strap...the contrasting trim on the inside pockets, even the zipper pocket pull. Roomy, too -- my computer slips in there with room to spare for the charger, newspaper, books. . .it will be put to good use this summer!

Also got the Pink Halter dress in Dunclare Pink. Wait until you see what I do with it! I'm hoping to finish it this afternoon.

FYI -- if you see a gray sticker dot on the shelf tags, that means you're SOL on LOL. No mas to be restocked.

Today's Costco Find

Thomas' Bagel Thins - Three 8-count packages for $5.99
I liked the fact they are thin and already pre-sliced. And only 110 calories!
Here's the rest of nutrition facts --
Total fat 1g, Sodium 210mg, Total Carbohydrate 25g, Dietary Fiber 4g, Sugars 3g, Protein 4g.
Calcium 4%, Iron 8%, Thiamin 10%, Riboblavin 6%, Niacin 6% and Folic Acid 10%
I think they are a hybrid roll/bread slice/bagel, but a nice alternative to all three. I would definitely buy them again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun with Target's Liberty of London

...the Media Box is also the perfect size to store your issues of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine! Click on the Liberty of London tag for more of my Liberty of London fun and finds.

A Class Act - Northern Arizona University

Of all the colleges and universities which came after L seeking her application, Northern Arizona University surprised and just blew us away with their recruiting efforts. The other night, she let them know of her decision, thereby releasing her spot to someone else.

But compared to the others, NAU was definitely a class act. From the first please apply/free application/10 day decision letter, the bumper sticker, the phone call advising of her acceptance, the follow-up emails, brochures, scholarship, letters from the President of the Board of Regents, the Mayor of Flagstaff (!), other parents, to the last email and questionnaire contact -- the other places of higher education could take a lesson from them. Even their follow-up email to her decision was personalized and wishing her the best. Was this typical? Perhaps for them, but definitely not for the others. A+, Northern Arizona University.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Upcoming Jo-Ann's Pattern Sales

Pre-Easter Sale - April 1/3
99 cent Simplicity
50% off buttons
50% off scissors
50% off notions wall

March 21/April 3 --
40% off Gutermann Thread
40% off Olfa cutting supplies

Friday, March 19, 2010

Can you stand it? MORE Target Liberty of London - The 9-Face Billboard Handbag

This handbag hasn't even been born yet! It will be made from the vinyl New York City Target Liberty of London Times Square billboard covers at the end of the campaign in June. Pre-orders are being taken now for the Special Limited Edition Liberty of London 9-Face Billboard Handbag for delivery early September. Only 1,600 will be made and sold, and all will be unique. $29.99 At least it is cheaper and smaller than the Liberty of London bicycle, and more affordable! It actually looks like it will be quite nice, especially with the black handles and the black Liberty of London label on the outside.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

LOL! MORE Target Liberty of London!

This is the men's multi-colored floral shirt I bought earlier, belted over a tank top with rolled cuffs. I'm wearing it today!

Below is the Pop-Up Bag in the Sixty print. And it does pop right open! The "25 Gallon" size measures 23" tall and 18" in diameter. The 28" long, 1 1/2" wide webbed handles are about 12" looped. There are bottom loops that go over the black toggles when you collapse it to close. The material feels like a coated polyester/nylon. There's a grommet hole at the bottom for either breathability or drainage. Horrors to the thought of using this to hold anything but something LoL appropriate and deserving.

L also wanted another pair of boxers in the Peacock feather print.
To be honest, the first time I saw the Susanna Green Duffle, I was not impressed. Then I started reading about it on other blogs and how popular it was turning out to be, so I decided to go back and give it a second look. Evidently others were also, as I went to four Targets before we were reunited! The Garla flip flops are also starting to appear at more of the stores, if not the display tags were in place. They were not there earlier in the week. I did notice on the display a barcoded tag for "Blue Purse" $19.99. I saw that at two of the stores. Could it be Target will be stocking new Liberty of London items? Was there a blue purse I missed? I don't remember a blue purse or else it didn't register on the gotta have it meter. I'll have to check back in a few days and see.

(If you are just coming in on this post, I have two previous blog postings about Target's Liberty of London merchandise here and here)

Thursday Tea Time

This week - Tazo Vanilla Apricot White

"Alluring hints of creamy Tahitian vanilla and notes of fresh, juicy apricots in a golden brew that positively glows in the cup"

Cost: Was $3.59 at Super Target, $2.78 red-stickered clearance price. Grab a great deal and a great tea.

Number of teabags: 20

Caffeine: Yes

Type of tea: White

Steeping time: 3 minutes

Double-Dipping potential: Yes, 5-6 minutes

Mix ins: A touch of sugar brings out the deliciousness

Teabag fragrance: Fruity apricot

Ingredients: White tea, natural flavors

Taste: Apricot-y!
Opinion: If you love apricots, the flavor and the color, you will love this tea. Brew it in a cream or white colored mug to appreciate the pretty color. The vanilla is not really detectable other than to add balance to a great taste. Can't wait to try this iced, too. Kudos Tazo for another pretty box design.

Rating: 5 teabags

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liberty of London Loot From Target!

Target's Liberty of London merchandise is like eating sweet, colorful, yummy candy. How can you stop from not taking one of each?! Besides, the more they sell, perhaps the more likely LOL will return next year in new colors and prints! Now before you think I flipped my crazy switch to the "On" position, these are not all for moi, but also gifts and special requests for friends. However, it sure was fun hunting and shopping for them...and me!

(Left) Chiffon robe - I plan to wear it as a wrap top over a tank or to yoga class. It's quite pretty!

(Above right) Collection of black and white Dunclair or Dunclare. Two of the three canisters set (the largest was just too big), mug, small plastic tumber, 1" binder notebook, hat box style gift box, 24 notecards (3 designs, 8 each)

(Left) Mark Pink paisley umbrella, Dunclair 25 gallon Pop-Up Bag (L wants to take it to college as a hamper), Dunclare teapot and 2" x 3" opening photo frames. Medium weight 100% cotton "Bright Blue" boxers (L grabbed these for summer shorts), Medium weight 100% cotton "Dark Navy/Floral" men's shirt-Size L is perfect for us 6 foot tall-ies. And they even sewed extra buttons at the bottom! The print has red tulips, pink and green flowers! My opinion, I think this is a little too fou-fou for a guy, but great for a gal. Dunclair print scarf in lightweight 100% cotton - fringe trim with extra tassels in the corners, it measures 42" x 60". It also comes in two other floral prints. Ladies, if you want to get away from the LOL polyesters in our department, head over to the men's department. All cotton, all silk (ties)! And bonus if you sew, you can easily alter the boxer shorts (sew the fly shut), add darts to the shirt and/or roll the sleeves, or repurpose the scarf fabric making a pretty tank (using the fringe edge for a hem!) or applique or trim for clothing or home dec.) Actually the scarf is quite nice as it is -- generously sized with a very nice hand and tie-ing drape.

(Right) Large Tapered Bin, Milk Crate and Media Box. $9.99 Candles (10 oz, glass jar inside) left to right - Lotus and White Flower, Violet Fig and Spiced Black Tea. The other scents are Vanilla Bean, Sugared Grapefruit and Ocean Minerals. The grosgrain ribbon-trimmed container is a potential repurposing bonus!

Backdrop - Girls Size XL smocked top maxi sundresses. Bonus the one on the left is that cool Susanna print! I plan to chop off the top and turn them into skirts. (Another benefit of being tall - if you can't wear them if you are petite, work with what you've got. Long legs!) They are already lined with a band of contrasting fabric and hemmed. A quick elastic casing and voila! Cute summer skirts for only $16.99. Each has two small ruffled patched pockets I may end up removing and using again someplace else. Sixty print file box, clipboard, file folders...and the teapot! Another pair of boxers in Red (L LOVES them! Shorts for $5.99 - a bargain!) Apparently a Target employee dropped the box of Maynard canisters, breaking the lids. So they are selling them lidless for $10, OK by me, I'm using it as a makeup brush holder! And I grabbed the other two square scarves/pareos - Poppy Blue and Jennifers Flowers Pink.

Fuchsia Garla print cloth padded flip flops. Pretty knotted/braid detail! Sizes S-M-L (5/6, 7/8, 9/10) I wear a Size 10 and they fit me just fine.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

GREEN Velvet Cupcakes from Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UPDATED - Liberty of London at Houston Target Stores - who has what - Pearland Store Added!

By now the word is out that not all Target stores have all the Liberty of London merchandise.
But it was fun to check around and see, enjoying the thrill of the hunt. For the most part, all you need to do is look for the Liberty butterfly dangling from the ceiling. It will help guide your way!

I am really loving the Dunclaire/Dunclare black and white floral design. I've seen it spelled both ways on the display tags and am still trying to figure out the correct one.

I went to four different ones in the Southwest Houston area and as of last night and this morning here's what I found --and remembered--

UPDATED 3-17 - Second Pearland store added!

Super Target - FM 518/Pearland

Only store which had the Fuchsia padded cloth flip-flops. Sizes Small (5/6)-Medium (7/8)-Large (9/10) Lots of Mediums and a good number of large - $12.99
Gardening has a good selection, both Dunclare and Sixty Pop-Up Buckets. Garla gloves!
Very good selection of stationery, with file boxes and gift boxes
No mens clothing

Target - Beltway 8/Pearland Parkway (Between Telephone Road and Blackhawke)

Best selection of stationery - including the file boxes, file folders and clipboards
Teapots - the Sixty (!) and Dunclare
All candles
No gardening
Good selection of women's clothing including bathing suits, maxi dresses and the Dunclaire jumpsuit, which I have not seen anywhere else. They do not have the yellow coat.
Best selection of linens -- all quilts, comforters and pillows
Very good selection of lampshades and lampbases - including the Sixty and the PINK! Peacock
Best selection of Liberty for Men - all the ties, shirts and boxers
Good selection of boots (I saw another size 10, is it following me?!)
Very good selection of lingerie

Super Target - Sugar Land

Gardening tools, planters - a few
Best selection of nighties
Best selection of plastic glasses
Good selection of 3-piece prep bowls
3-18-10 Men's section just put on display, and there's a butterfly to guide you!

Super Target - Missouri City

All the candles ($9.99)
Best selection of stationery, notebooks, hatboxes
Container storage boxes (back towards the frozen food)
Best selection of dishes
Best selection of the 3-piece prep bowls
Good selection of ladies clothes

Target - Meyerland

Lots of the pink umbrellas -- be sure to check the snap closure
Some bucket hats
All the piggy banks
Skinny crinkled patchwork scarves
All the mugs
Good selection of rain boots, including a size 10 (tempted...but they are $29.99)
Good selection of canisters
No teapots
Best selection of lamp shades and lamp bases
Quilted quilts in King size only - Garla and Dunclaire

Super Target - South Main/Reliant Center

If you are looking for the clothes, this store had the most stocked, best selection, and in larger sizes!
Lots of mugs
Lots of piggy banks
1 black and white Dunclaire/Dunclare teapot
Gardening gloves, planters, pop-up bags (the black & white Dunclaire and another floral one)
Men's shirts, ties and boxers (on a rack towards the front, but not on the aisle. Just luck I found it, no butterfly)
Scarves - including the square tasseled ones (This is the only store I've seen the squares)
Bucket hats, wallets, plastic totebags
Best stocked selection of bras and panties
They are selling the Maynard (pink floral) medium sized canister without the lid for $10.51.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Biofeedback for allergies?

Hey, it worked for me! The tree pollen is listed as "Extreme" in the newspaper, and I have been MISERABLE the past eight days. The last straw was yesterday morning when we were in Costco. Just walking from the parking lot to the store was enough to trigger a coughing and choking fit to the extent I couldn't even speak and tears were running from my eyes. I headed back to the car and gave the list to T and L - hoping for the best, who knew what else those two would find?! - and scoped out some free wi-fi on the iPod Touch. I emailed my sister to whine and chat a bit, and mentioned my quarrantine in the parking lot. She suggested I try biofeedback. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first - I've had allergies all of my life, done the shots, the year-round antihistimine. I told her I just have to wait it out and suffer certain weeks of the year. And bless the person who invented Puffs Plus. But for those of you who also have allergies, you know what we go through - it's just awful. This tree pollen season seems to be particularly worse than previous years. I don't know if it was because of our crazy weather or what. I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. When I was having bad migraines in the 80's, my neurologist suggested biofeedback, which was very successful for me. But it never occurred to me it could work for allergies, too.

Surprise! It did! I woke up this morning with my chest clear, my throat unsore, and able to breathe - through my nose, without choking! I'm still a little stuffy on and off this morning, but I have definitely turned the corner and feel a thousand times a thousand better. I even cleaned the house this morning and I'm getting ready to hit the sewing room. In the interest of full disclosure, my sister's boyfriend is Bill Nolan of Planet Bioscan. I was not asked to write this nor received any other compensation. I just wanted to post it because it worked for me. And it can work long distance. They live in Phoenix, Arizona - I'm in Houston, Texas. Honestly, if you have reached the end of your rope, email or give them a call. ( - toll free 1-877-728-4101) Mention you heard about them through Peggy at The House of Kent blog. They are also doing special allergy sessions this month. Click here for their latest newsletter.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Netflix Stars - Coco Before Chanel

5+/5 stars - Now this one was off the charts! Even in French with English subtitles, L and I loved the movie. A great introduction and look into the life of Coco Chanel before she was and as just as she became famous. And further credit it won the Oscar for Best Costume Design. I loved how it showed the fashions and attitude of the era, and how Chanel came along and 180'd the style and behavior. You can see how her past influenced her designs. Loved it! And be sure to watch the special features section.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Netflix Stars - The Time Traveler's Wife

2.5/5 - One word - Disappointing. Disappointed because of the new Time-Warner/Netflix policy of holding back new releases 30 days before allowing them to be rented so hopefully people would buy the movie instead. (and I would have been even more disappointed had I done that!) Disappointed this failed to live up to our expectations and all the hype. Disappointed there weren't any special features on the DVD. Even disappointed one of my fav songs which was playing with all the movie's previews wasn't even in the movie (Carolina Liar, "Show Me What I'm Looking For") It almost seemed set to be spoofed by Saturday Night Live. Afterwards upon reading the reviews and hearing other people's comments, evidently it would have helped to have read the novel by Audrey Niffenegger first. Not much background detail was provided and we were left to ourselves to try and stitch it all together.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Netflix Stars - Post Grad

3.5/5 - A cute, lightweight movie with several storylines bouncing around throughout. Gosh, does Alexis Bledel have the bluest eyes?! I'm not really a huge fan of Michael Keaton, but he was really funny in his role as the father. Surprised to see Carol Burnett, too! Remember that hunky guy in "Love Actually"? (Rodrigo Santoro) He plays the hunky neighbor across the street. The movie editing is a bit choppy and disjointed in some places, obviously some scenes were deleted, but no proof as the DVD did not have any special features other than movie trailers.


I love trees but not when they are looking for love!

(This is my front yard Red Oak tree.)

Anyhoo, while on a "Benadryl Bender" yesterday, I bought 7 yards of fabric at High Fashion Fabrics. I'm getting ready to try Sandra Betzina's Today's Fit Vogue 1164 in the short sleeved version and whip up a couple of old fav 2945's. Seriously, have you grabbed these two patterns yet? Discontinued 2945 may still be available on the Vogue website. And one of my 1164 versions was passed around the ladies room at last weekend's Houston ASG Sue Hausmann event. (She was great by the way!) All shapes, all sizes, all loved it. (FYI: Next Vogue $3.99 sale is March 18/20)

Toodles! I need to finish washing the fabs and hit the sewing room -- I'm not wasting this antihistimine buzz!

Thank you, floozy oak tree!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Tea Time

This week - Tazo Green Ginger "A dazzling blend with sweet, spicy ginger and a touch of pear"
Pear?! Cool!

Cost: $3.59 at Super Target
Number of teabags: 20
Caffeine: Yes
Type of tea: Green
Steeping time: 3 minutes
Double-Dipping potential: Yes, 5 minutes
Mix ins: Honey
Teabag fragrance: Ginger
Ingredients: Green tea, natural flavors, ginger and lemongrass
Taste: Ginger without the hot bite, slightly fruity
Opinion: I brewed a mug of this when I was being assaulted by the Spring March of allergies and needed something strong yet soothing. This did the trick! My sore throat felt much better after drinking it. I've been drinking several mugs a day all week -- I definitely think it is helping to stall and hopefully prevent the sinus infections and bronchitis I usually get this time of year while the trees are pollinating. So far, so good - keep your fingers crossed!
Rating: 5 teabags

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

H(app)y Days

More Cupcakes!

Just found this one today - half the fun of cupcakes are decorating them (the other half eating!). But this app is calorie free! It also seems to get frequent updates based upon user suggestions. Be sure to check out the St. Patrick's Day options. 99 cents

Fly Kiwi, Fly!

Cute game. You tilt the iPhone/Touch to make the kiwi fly. Earn money to buy equipment to help his journey. 99 cents

Monday, March 08, 2010

Upcoming Jo-Ann's Pattern Sales

March 7/13
Simplicity $1.99
50% off notions wall

March 18/20
McCall's $1.99
Vogue $3.99

Netflix Stars - The Hangover

I hate to say it, but we actually give it a 3. There were lots of funny and some tasteless scenes. Particularly during the end credit roll, you may want to shield the youngsters. But overall, not that bad. Zach Galifianakis (remember him as Davis from the morgue on "Tru Calling"?) stole the movie.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Cooking Light - Blue Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Buffalo Sauce

The good, the bad and the ugly!

Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Buffalo Sauce - Cooking Light, March 2010 - page 117

This recipe is found in the section of "Oops! The 25 Most Common Cooking Mistakes" - and this was Mistake #12, "You Turn the Food Too Often" -- "Resist the urge to turn the chicken before it's time; otherwise you risk having the breading stick to the pan."

I should add -- or risk burning and not browning enough. And for good measure, repeat sticking to the pan, too.

In my case, two chicken breasts started to burn, and the others didn't even brown all the way or just barely. What a mess! And then I thought the oven baking would help finish browning and make it look pretty. It did not.

The chicken tasted rubbery and was tough. Unusual because we usually have good results with Costco's chicken breasts. I probably overcooked it because it just looked raw and awful.

It was my first time using Panko crumbs and bottled roasted red peppers. I must admit that Cooking Light does stretch my culinary muscles and increase my pantry with new items to try.

But on the positive side, we loved the sauce and will make that part of the recipe again --with a tried and true breaded chicken tenders recipe. And turn that leftover blue cheese into a dipping sauce instead.
Here's the Buffalo Sauce recipe -
1 1/2 teaspoons butter
6 tablespoons finely chopped drained bottled roasted red bell peppers --I chopped them in the food processor
2 teaspoons water
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon minced fresh garlic
1/2 teaspoon hot sauce -- just a drop made it hot enough for us!
Combine 1 1/2 teaspoons butter, bell peppers, water, Worcestershire, and garlic in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a simmer; cook until butter melts. Remove from heat, and stir in hot sauce.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Tea Time

Cost: $2 on sale at Kroger, regular price $2.59
How could this not hop into my cart? The box description reads "Natural vanilla adds rich and creamy flavor notes for a luscious dessert-like drink" Huzzah!

Number of teabags: 18
Caffeine: No
Type of tea: Black
Steeping time: 5 minutes
Double-Dipping potential: Yes, 6 minutes
Mix ins: Milk and sugar, milk and honey. Both combos work and taste great!
Teabag fragrance: Very pleasant - cardamon and ginger
Ingredients: Naturally decaffeinated black tea, vanilla flavor, ginger root, cinnamon, allspice, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon flavor, cardamon oil, clove oil
Taste: Smooth, creamy, soothing. The fragrance is heavenly. You taste more of the cardamon and vanilla and a touch of cinnamon when the tea is brewed. It's not peppery at all like other chai teas.
Opinion: DELICIOUS! This is definitely my "Tea of the Week". Each night I've been preparing a mug of this after dinner to keep me away from dessert. This is better and healthier substitute! Bonus it is decaf, too.
Rating: 4.5 teabags

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Penzeys $5 off Coupon

Time to replenish and try some of the new recipes in the latest Penzeys Spices Catalog - Spring 2010 - with a $5 off a $10 or more purchase coupon on the mailing cover. (Online orders, use product code 00002C Offer expires May 23, 2010.) That Banana Blueberry Cake on page 49 sounds yummy! And Chipolte Chocolate Chunk Brownie Bites (chocolate with cinnamon and ground chipolte - great combination!)...and Cinnamon-Topped Oatmeal Muffins. Yes, I need to get myself to the store ricky-tick.

A special shout-out to my Upstate New York peeps - the Buffalo Penzeys at 783 Elmwood Avenue should be opening soon if it hasn't already. Give them a call and see -- 716/887-9777.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Everyday Food Fresh Flavor Fast

Finally, a follow-up book to Everyday Food: Great Food Fast.
Just-released Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast has 250 recipes, divided into --

Sandwiches, Burgers and Pizzas
Soups and Stews
Main Courses (including vegetarian)
Side Dishes

I can't wait to try some of them. Right now I seem to be on a Cooking Light bender. I like the format of this book better than the first, which was organized by seasons.

If you subscribe or buy the Everyday Food magazine, you may recognize some of the recipes. This is a good way to "catch up" on what you've been missing, or be able to grab and thumb through at a moment's notice. I don't know about you, but my attention span is easily diverted when I start delving into past issues looking for recipes. At least I can hope to resurface relatively faster with this book handy.

With these two books and the new iTunes Martha Stewart Everyday Food app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it's a triple crown Everyday Food recipe win!

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-307-40510-4
$14.99 at Costco, $24.99 publisher's price