Tuesday, January 17, 2017

30 Days 30 Paintings - Day 17 - Practice, practice, practice, practice

I like the leaves on this one - I had actually reached the point I was
just slapping and throwing paint on the left

I can see why people are nuts over Sennelier yellows!
This one. . .lol
a reminder not to take yourself so seriously and laugh

Good example of just letting the colors run and play

I attended a Paint-In on Saturday to learn skills, tips and techniques working in wet-in-wet. I couldn't wait for Hobby Lobby to open yesterday to buy a piece of plexiglass and put my new Sennelier half pan palette through its paces. (They are all 10" x 8") And I will paint eight more this afternoon with another another palette. And then another. And another. By the time I work through them all, I should have eleventy-billion sunflowers and a better grasp of this technique.  Each painting so far I've learned and loved something about it.  There is certainly a lot of freedom and fun just practicing and playing.  #NoFear #SunflowersTheSeries #BuyMorePaper

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