Monday, January 02, 2017

Adventures with Brusho - Part Fifteen - Stop and Stencil

Alcohol can stop the pigment movement on previously Brusho'd paper.  In this example, I used water and Brusho on watercolor paper.  When I decided to add another round/shake of Brusho in Blue and then spritzed alcohol on it - it did not blend.  Instead it created a slight movement and quickly halted dotted effect.

You can really see the different pigments of the Brown separate and do their thing

Using Brusho on Bristol Vellum Artist Tiles with a stencil created a pretty effect.  I placed the stencil on the paper, shook Brown Brusho all over and then sprayed with water.

The second one was a print with the remaining wet Brusho on top of the stencil.  I flipped the stencil onto the paper face down and removed it.  I then sprinkled Ultramarine to the top of the print and added more water.  I liked how the colors ran together.

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