Monday, January 16, 2017

Adventures with Brusho - Part Eighteen - Gray-Diations of ice and Winter

I am loving the Brusho in Gray or Grey!  I feel it is more green/indigo/orange/red than Black.  And it plays nicely with a few sprinkles of Purple.

Here again I used Gillette Foamy shaving cream and Strathmore Bristol Smooth, 11" x 14".  This time I scraped off with an index card what was left of the shaving cream peaks on the original print - most had "puffed" off and little remained.

Master print

This was the first/master print. The thicker squiggles of shaving cream acted like a soft resist. Most of the shaving cream "poofed" off as it dried. Unlike on watercolor paper, it didn't stick around. You can see where I did push off some of the areas with an index card.  Good to know you can "etch" and scrape a little for additional texture.

Secondary print
Second printing

Third print (with a few more shakes of gray and purple and a little spritz of water
I think it looks frosty icy

Third printing

Fourth print - I wet this again with water and wadded/crumpled it up good. (Who hasn't thought of doing this to their Brusho painting?!)  Actually the Bristol Smooth did smooth out a little. I like the random creases and texture from the paper.   I will try this technique again with more wet paint.  However with this color pigment, I think it looks like ice or frost with less paint.

Fourth and crumpled

Here are the close ups --

Original master print

Second print

Third print

Fourth and crumpled

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