Saturday, December 31, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Fourteen - "Fade to Black"

Here's all the fun I had playing with Brusho Black --

Look at all the colors! Sprinkled with the shaker and spritzed with water.

Trying to do a wash -- I thought the left side, which was done with dipping a wet brush into loose crystals on dry paper, shaded nicely and kept more of the pigment.  I wet the paper first on the right side and then used the wet brush/crystals, turning it into shades of gray.

So I thought...maybe this would make a nice background for a night sky? Only make it darker.   I would add some masking fluid for stars.

Not quite the look I anticipated!  Pretty however.  I did not wet the paper this time and was careful not to overmix on the paper to avoid graying.

I do love Brusho and Saran Wrap, and I am still favoring using this technique with the Bristol paper over the watercolor paper for my defined edges and color.
Saran Wrap on Aquabee watercolor paper
Saran Wrap on Bristol paper
And now what is turning into my favorite Brusho effects - making prints!

I still use the watercolor paper as the base, really going overboard with sprinkle and spritz.
This is what's left
watercolor paper at the end of printing

The Bristol paper makes great prints - this is the artist tile size

As a point of comparison, here is my workout with Brusho in Gray/Grey.

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