Saturday, December 24, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Eight - "O Christmas Tree"

More experimentation with direct painting using Brusho.  Again, two different types of paper - Aquabee watercolor paper and Strathmore Bristol.

On the left is dry paper, paint and then spritzing with water
On the right is working wet in wet - no additional water added.

I like both versions in the watercolor paper above.
I like the wet in wet on the Bristol.  I probably should have left well enough alone with the left one, but the edges were too hard.  Maybe more water, less Brusho.  I was getting down to the last bits in my palette and didn't want to add more of either as I am going to switch over to another palette.

The yellow and red accents -  nice serendipitous touch -- Just goes to show how airborne those Brusho crystals move about!  I didn't see them on the paper until I spritzed with water.

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