Thursday, December 22, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Six "Poinsettia"

I used the wax crayon to outline a poinsettia
This goes to show how those tiny Brusho crystals go all over!
This piece of paper was just to the side of the working area

And then I mixed six Brusho colors in a palette - Leaf green, Emerald green, Yellow, Lemon, Scarlet, Brilliant red

I boo-boo'd here - later reading and viewing more
Brusho videos, they say add Brusho to the water, not water to Brusho
However, it worked just fine for me and I actually
liked the undissolved bits of pigment to pop on the paper further

With a brush, I applied the liquefied Brusho - 

Trying to see where the crayon lines were!

Adding greens

Yellows in the center

Shaking more Brusho on top

Spritzing with water

Whoops, lots of water!
I do like the neon effect and was kind of hoping it would stay this intense 

As it dried, I lifted out some of the colors -
I liked how it revealed a nice under layering of color

I added some gesso in the center and Windsor & Newton New Gamboge to the center for the flowers.

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