Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part Four "First Painting"

First Brusho!

I had heard that Ultramarine was a favorite Brusho color and I was about to find out why.  Also that Lemon was a truer yellow than Yellow, which had bits of orange mixed with it.

One YouTube video I watched suggested using a small dry paintbrush to sprinkle the crystals from the canister.   I found and marked a cheap brush with "Brusho" in ink.  I need to break in the bristles (bend and separate) so they can pick up and disperse the crystals more evenly.
First spritz of water

And we're moving!
I added more water. . . 

It's fun to watch the crystals dissolve!
Finally dried --
The bottom was wetter than the top
It's a learning process - the amount of Brusho to apply via shaking and flicking, amount of water to use, how close to hold the sprayer nozzle.

Next post - using spray starch!

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