Monday, December 19, 2016

Adventures with Brusho - Part One "Discovery"

Always being on the lookout for new art toys (supplies), inspiration and new creative adventures, I was at Texas Art Supply at an encaustic demonstration a few months ago.  While this rang the bells and whistles for other people, it did not for me.  However, I usually always get some takeaway and from this she had mentioned using Brusho watercolor crystals.  Oh hello?!  I went downstairs and found the Brusho Crystal Colour display.  Overwhelmed by all the pretty colors, I took the brochure home to decide which ones to get.  That began the trip down the rabbit hole of Brusho and Colourcraft products -- a friend mentioned she had recently bought a set, I found Facebook pages and groups, YouTube channels...where had this been and how had it escaped my notice?   And as if the creative goddesses and muses were in alignment with my journey, I won a box of Colourcraft products, directly from Sheffield, England.  Message received, let's go.


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