Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - TropicaliTea

Always willing to try something new - Soursop and Daintree

Governor's Estate Soursop Green Tea

Soursop is becoming more popular because of the claim it can reduce and slow the growth of cancer cells and it has Vitamins C & B, calcium and iron.  I just thought it was a nice tasting, tropical flavored tea.

It had a nice sweetness, further enhanced with a little bit of honey.  A splash of italian cream made it tasty, too.  I would get a couple more boxes - I also like that the tea bags are individually packaged so I can share with friends.

Rating:  3.5

T2 Daintree is an Australian black tea with a slightly floral and vanilla taste.  It is light and "dainty" and I think would be great for a little girl's tea party.  The leaves look interesting.

I actually found myself liking this more after each sip.

Rating:  3.75

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