Sunday, January 01, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 1

Galveston Seawall - West End
Christmas 2016

The first of thirty days of watercolor paintings!  I joined a Facebook challenge to paint one watercolor a day.    I like these kind of push/prod incentives.   No prizes, just pride.  Well, we shall see.  You need to take a few baby steps each day to get up and running, or at least stroll at a good pace.

This was painted from a photograph of my husband and daughter walking toward the West end of the Galveston Seawall Christmas Day afternoon.  It really was that foggy!  The light from the sun made a nice contrast.   

Working wet in wet on 9" x 6" Aquabee watercolor paper.  I used the Black Brusho, which when mixed with water completely, kind of turns Payne's Gray, with occasional bits of blue.  

Here's a look when left to its own devices/separated pigments.   
Brusho - Black

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