Monday, January 09, 2017

30 Paintings 30 Days - Day 9

7 1/2" x 13 1/2"

I am actually quite happy with this.  And beginning to enjoy painting still lifes.   I was trying to use warm and cool color combinations, practice my shadows and compose an interesting painting.  And I incorporated "Picasso Lines" - I saw a collection of his line drawings at The Menil (which just closed).

I'm also doing preplanning in my sketchbook first -
I love this sketchbook for my watercolor classes.
It was actually recommended by my drawing teacher.
It's a good size, it has lots of pages
And it can take water media experimentation without protest
It is the perfect classwork/workshop workbook sketchbook for me
I found this particular size on Amazon, but support and check your local art supply stores first!
- to visualize and try different colors, perspectives, etc.  I get so excited to just start painting, this not only cools my jets but also allows me to try even more options of what I see in my head before I commit to just jumping in and painting myself into the proverbial corner.

Also a reminder to "box it in"
draw a line around the composition to "see" the painting
I liked the size and shape of this
LOL, my "Stand Up For Circles"   Not a political statement but a reminder to stand up while sketching to get better circles, and actually better drawings/paintings.

I also like to put all those stickers we get in the mail, on fruit, in the stores, souvenirs, etc. on my sketchbooks.  One of the Craftsy instructors does that and I thought that was a cool idea.  Makes your sketchbook unique and easy for you (and others) to find, and honestly, how often do we collect these stickers and just stick in a drawer and forget.  Use and enjoy them!

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