Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Burda 7795 View A - Top

7795 is finished! I love it! The sleeves run long, I only had to add 1". I did lengthen the back and front 3" total at the two adjustment lines. Just like 7804, you may also want to re-aim the bust darts more upwards. Since I didn't want to rely on "a hook and a prayer" to keep it closed, I added another set of ties to the left side to actually tie the front closed, and I'll wear it with a camisole tank. Burda's directions have you sew the tie on the right side and knot, then sew hook and eyes underneath for the actual closure. When I wore this today (the photo is from last night), I knotted the tie ends so they didn't look like rigatoni noodles, and I folded the top corners down-making more of a V neckline as in the model photo. The cotton striped fabric is from Jo-Ann's red tag section, they also had it in navy. I plan to make it again out of a cream cotton dobby sheer with silver metallic striping, but I'll leave off the sleeve trim. (I fear it will look too poodle-y.) The pants pattern the model is wearing is 7966 - I bought that pattern at the same time, I loved the combo idea and the separate pieces for Summer 2008 outfits.