Sunday, May 11, 2008

Burda 7789 Young Fashion Teen View D - Skirt

L loved this Burda 7789 skirt so much, that after I took the picture, she wore it for the rest of the day! And that's high praise considering she has to wear a uniform skirt five days a week. The only adjustment I made was to add 2" to the length. When wearing it is actually at the same length pictured on the model, it just appears slightly longer on L because of the camera angle. The fit seems to run slightly bigger/looser than the size compared to the other Burdas I've made in the same size, but not that much. Perhaps that extra ease is to allow the skirt to adjust where it is most comfortable to wear. Needing only a frugal 1 1/2 yards, this skirt clocked in at under $3.50! A+ - We'll be making this again!
Next up -- 7775 (dress/blouse) or 7936 (blouse)