Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burda 7965 View A

Burda 7965 turned out OK! Sewn in a black silk linen blend from Jo-Ann's (surprise!), it gave it enough weight and the right color for a good result. It's different and a little more fun than the ubiquitous suburban mom cropped pants uniform of summer. While I probably wouldn't wear them for dressing to impress, I think they are good enough to wear around the house or out for quick errands without social embarrassment.
There were some good and some huh? things with this pattern. . .
First - the elastic measurement. It's up to you to figure out how much elastic you need if you fall in the middle of the size range. Seven sizes, with a 6" range from small to large. Not being a math whiz and with the assistance of a calculator and measuring tape, I figured each size was about 1 3/8" difference give or take. And it's a waistband elastic, rather forgiving and close enough. Second - the elastic width. The pattern calls for 5/8" - I used 3/8" instead and just squeeked it through the casing.

But the good - I loved that casing, which you will also find on the pants from 7966. Very high-detailed RTW look. You fold under the finished edge along the seam allowance and then place the casing band 3/8" below the folded edge and edgestitch the band, catching the finished edge. Nice! And fun if you are using a print and want a contrast effect with another fabric. Because of the way the grainline is placed, the resulting folds make it look more like a skirt than just wide short pant legs. You could also seize the opportunity to use your embroidery machine to add a pretty edge or some trim.

One of these is probably enough for me, but if you would like to try something different for summer, give Burda 7965 a try.
Update 5-23 -- Perhaps I'll rethink this as an only child. I'm wearing it today and it is so cool and comfortable (legs too sore from yoga today to even think about keeping knees pressed together!), and with the temp and humidity combined it's about 100 bajillion right now. This is only the beginning of a long, hot summer. . .