Friday, May 02, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker for $8.98!

I thought their clearance sale was still going on when I would see the $8.98 on their website, but no -- NEW clothes are $8.98; including Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten Line at Steve and Barry's!

Per the article in the New York Times' Thursday Styles section yesterday; all their merchandise is $8.98 or less. (Somehow I don't think next season's Project Runway will have another challenge with $8.98 as the price point, remember how they sneered at $19.98?) I liked how the article stated, "...the clothes appear well made, several of the Bitten dresses were lined, and the strapless dress is constructed with an internal elastic band to hold it up...." I believe I will now start calling my elastic casings "internal elastic bands" (I always thought casings sound too much like sausage. . .)

And they are going to carry official SATC movie merchandise - what in the name of Manolo, will that be for $8.98?!