Monday, May 26, 2008

Burda 8076 View A - Top

I know, first glance at 8076 and you're immediately picturing the Dillard's ad - "Now on sale, Ladies Patio Dresses!" Well, just avert your eyes from View B - unless you are in need of a Patio dress, and look instead at View A. This crinkled Russian matryoshka nesting doll print abandoned in the Red Tag Jo-Ann section for $2/yard seemed adaptable for a trial run. The top took just a little less than 1 yard 22 inches, the size of my remnant piece. I extended the pattern piece 2 5/8" below the View B ruffle attachment cut line. Because I decided to work with the fabric instead of against, I used the leftover embroidered linen from Burda 7804 for a nice contrast look. There was no way the crinkle was going to interface or behave enough to make nice bands. The result - a really fun top, destined to be worn a lot this summer! I love how the front and back are different. The back goes into a lower but not too low V, the versatility of the bands easily lend themselves to contrast or embellishment, the bra straps miraculously stay covered, and this funky crinkle just somehow is a perfect match for the pattern style. Check if any is lurking at your Jo-Ann's.