Friday, May 02, 2008

Burda 7782 View C - Top

Now here's a Burda if you are petite-r, 7782 seemed to run a little short in length. I added 2" at the adjustment line and another 1" at the hemline and I still ended up not hemming it. (it is cut on the bias) Update 5-3: I did finish it with a serged rolled edge this morning before wearing. And definitely not "bubbling" it with an elastic casing - er, "internal elastic band."
I liked the front and back pleat detail at the shoulders and the whole bias thing. But I thought it scooped a little low so I pleated the front up 1/2" at the shoulder seam and sewed through it with a vintage 60's button.

The Asian dragon poly is stashed $1/yard Wally-World fabric, aged about three years - a $2 top!
7782 is a pattern to span the fashion ages...while I think the blouson dresses are cute, I sewed and wore something eerily similar back in the 80's -- but I think the top is still fun for same person 25 years later!