Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No. 416!

As I walked almost completely around the Barnes and Noble store this morning to get in line to buy Stephenie Meyer's new book, "The Host" and get the apparently very coveted green wristbands for admittance to a discussion and book signing with her. Some people had been camped out since 5 AM! But I must give kudos to Barnes and Noble for handling the crowd so well (how misbehaved can readers get?), assuring us with a clicker that yes, we would be getting the wristbands and books, so everyone was calm and actually having a good time waiting. And smart thinking on their part, they let us into the store early, snaking us around the aisles with even more books eyes center. That's how I came home also with "Pretty Little Potholders" and "Pretty Little Patchwork." They are a continuation of a Lark Books series, which began with "Pretty Little Pincushions."
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