Monday, May 26, 2008

Finally! A new sewing table!

I've retired the old cardboard Sew/Fit table to the garbage can and got this one. This style (Venture/Horizon/Spartak 1141 or 1142) is sold all over the Internet, I actually found mine and the best deal through Target Decor. Which is not part of Target Target. There was about a one month delay in its arrival because of backorders at the manufacturing plant. But be forewarned, it was a time-consuming PITA to put together. My husband did not even attempt it, and it took my handyman almost two hours. His advice - use the hand-turn screwdriver, not the power one. I love it because it can fold just one side or both - thereby not overtaking my precious sewing room space, is very sturdy (heavy!) and it is actually bigger (longer and wider) than the Sew/Fit. A Texas-sized sewing table!
Update 5-30-08: Here's a photo opened all the way. You can see the difference with the cutting mat from the Sew/Fit table.