Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - There's so much of the world to see...

My Huckleberry friend. . .

In Seattle last year we found Huckleberry Tea at Pike Place Market, along with the original Starbucks.  
Starbucks - Pike Place Market
A bit cheaper and more fun to buy in person at the MarketSpice Store (In the Pike Place Market next to Pike Place Fish - 85 A Pike Place) at $6.99 a box for 24 teabags.

Interesting-looking tea bags - they were slightly moist from the berries.
No string and sealed in a foil bag.

Berry good!
This fruity black tea blend smells and tastes delicious!  And brews so prettily. You need to definitely put this on your souvenir list when in Seattle.   I almost feel this is more of a dessert tea, rather than a morning tea.  Especially if you add a little bit of creamer - it reminded me of the huckleberry ice cream I had at Wapiti Woolies after our Mt. Rainier climb.

Where, yes, they do play "Moon River". . .

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