Wednesday, August 31, 2016

“Often a purple patch or two is tacked on to a serious work of high promise..." Horace

Test strips of my purples and violets --

Qor Doxazine Purple
This one seems more of a blue purple to me.

Daniel Smith Carbazole Violet
I actually liked this one the best

Winsor & Newton Winsor Violet Doxazine
Very intense deep purple leaning towards red.

Winsor & Newton Caput Mortum Violet
PR 101, Iron Oxide
Kind of a fun color, love all the shades and its lifting ability

Holbein Mars Violet
PR 101, PV 22, PBr 7 (Iron oxide)
A lot people sing this one's praises

American Journey Raw Umber Violet
PBr 7 (Iron Oxide), PV 19
This looks like a versatile color, too.

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