Sunday, August 21, 2016

Three Free

I thought the Naples and the Charcoal made an interesting combination.

The other day I received in the mail three (free) tubes of Grumbacher watercolors - Charcoal Gray A042, Naples Yellow Hue A146 and Vermilion Hue A224 in the 7.5 ml size.  They retail for $4.95 each.

Charcoal Grey - Charcoal Grey is a dark neutral gray made, from carbon. This color has excellent tinting strength and is perfect for the grisaille technique.
Pigment Info   PBk6
Lightfastness Excellent
Temperature Cool

Naples Yellow Hue - Naples Yellow Hue is a lightfast Light Yellow with a Red undertone. It is similar to a Cadmium Yellow Light, but with a muted chroma. Originally made with a toxic lead pigment that is no longer available, Grumbacher's safe version duplicates the masstone, undertones and mixing qualities of the original in every way. Traditionally used in landscape where a receding yellow is required. Also incorporated in flesh tones.
Segment Info  PY3/PBr7/PR178/PW6
Lightfastness Very Good
Temperature Warm

Vermillion Hue - Vermillion Hue is a bright mid-range red that has a masstone and undertones identical to the obsolete and toxic mercury based Vermillion of the past. This red has infinite uses in painting.
Pigment Info   PY65/PR188
Lightfastness Very Good
Temperature Warm

While technically these are student artist grade watercolors, Grumbacher has a reputation for excellent quality and I had fun playing with them.  It's an affordable way to try and add different hues. They will make a great addition to my multi-media and journaling/sketchbook palette.

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