Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Pig Out

I had seen Teapigs when traveling at coffeeshops near the register (The Broadmore in Colorado Springs and Hudson's Coffee in Sydney), but never tried them.  The name/brand popped up recently on Facebook and Instagram feeds and I decided to check it out.   They have a cute website and a fast response when I asked where in Houston I could find them - Central Market!
And Central Market carries the tea "temples" in about six different flavors - I controlled myself and only bought two.  And they were on sale $6.79 (regular price $7.99).  I got the Mao Feng Green Tea (North American Tea Champion - First Place 2013 and Great Taste 2015 -- awards for green tea?  So buying!) and how could I resist Chocolate Flake Tea?!

You get 15 tea temples per resealable (so keeping!) box inside a plastic wrap.

The Mao Feng (click on the link for a cute story) tasted good plain and hot -- sweet grassy...but even better when I added just a little bit of creamer, which really brought out the fruity peach/apricot flavor.

Chocolate Flake has to be hands down the best chocolate tea I've tried.  No cloying, artificial flavor or a "let's mix tea and hot cocoa together!" (busted) -- just a hint of real chocolate.  And it was successfully able to kill the afternoon carb crazy hour - whomp.  And look, over 110 reviews on their site with 5 stars.  I also saw they have a Chocolate Mint - may have to order that one online.  (Seriously, who ever writes their advertising copy should also win an award.)  This also tasted better to me with a little bit of half and half to let the chocolate out.

I will give both of these 5 stars and am running back to Central Market to get/try more.  You should, too!  Maybe then they will carry more flavors.  That's how I think and drink.

Photo Gallery:

Looks nice!
Mao Feng after brewing!  Poof!

Mao Feng - pretty color!
 Chocolate Flake - oh yes, you can tell that's chocolate!
UPDATE: I went back and got the Darjeeling Earl Gray - it is everything they said it was and more.  It makes a great London Fog!  I have honestly never had a better tasting Earl Gray tea.  I can see why it won the 2016 Great Taste award...and the adorable gray dascshund. . .

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