Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Go Green--Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea

This had all the makings of a winner - Dilmah, check.  Green tea, check.  Moroccan Mint, check.  So much so I bought two boxes.  I loved the Numi Moroccan Mint Tea and thought this would be a nice Aussie substitute.

The box had 20 tea bags, nicely lined up in foil.  It smelled minty good.  I was even hepped up about the addition of green tea.

Alas, it didn't get out of the starting blocks.  I even used two tea bags as I was going to put some in my Hydroflask for class.  It was pretty wussy.

At first I thought it was because I followed the recommended brewing time of 2 minutes.  So I threw the tea bags back in for another minute and half.  No difference.  I set some aside to add a little creamer to see if it would help, it made it worse.  The taste plain was OK, but not exciting.  It had a mint finish, but nothing that compelled you to keep drinking it.  Even in class, I was like, "I probably still have some tea left to drink" and didn't finish it.  In fact, when I got home I poured it on an outside plant.

I'd have to give this a 2...for a second attempt if you pile on more teabags, and try it iced it may be better that way instead of hot...And giving away the second box.

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