Thursday, August 04, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Grocery shopping fun!

We all know by now I love to visit grocery stores when visiting other cities (and countries!  Hello Coles and Woolworths in Australia!) - particularly the baking and tea aisles.  That's where I found this tea for review at Kaune's Neighborhood Market, an upscale grocery store in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I had never seen this brand - Silk Road Teas - and thought it would make a nice souvenir!  I chose
Yunnan Black, organic Black Tea - 15 tea bags for $7.99.
Its description reads, "leaf and bud, spicy aroma, malty taste...the "mocha of tea" with a slightly peppery taste and mouth-filling sweet finish.  Good for breakfast tea and excellent with desserts..."

The silky triangular tea sachets have long leaves, which almost triple in size after brewing and still retaining their shape.  No "dust" or broken bits here.

I brewed for three minutes, the mug turning a beautiful golden color.  Unusual that it tasted lovely plain but the flavor jumped up even more after adding creamer.  It does have the robustness of a breakfast tea, but also suited for any time of the day you need a tea hit.

Additionally, I was in Santa Fe over three years ago. . .The Enjoy By date stamp on the box was November 2014.  However, it was sealed in a foil wrapper and I gave it chance.  I'm glad I did, imagine if you order/find a more recent box?  I did have difficulties with their website earlier, I could not click through.  But I was able to sign up for an email discount on a future order.

I would definitely look for this locally - at Whole Foods or Central Market first, since it is organic or coffee/tea shops in the California, San Rafael area.

Rating:  4

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