Friday, August 05, 2016

The Download

I love to see other people's phones and apps.  The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition has a regular feature of celebrities' phones, I can discover and learn new tricks and apps.  So here is mine as of last night. 
Number of contacts in phone:  201

Number of unread emails: 55, 186 (!) -- and 46 voice mail messages, more like missed calls as I'm trying to find my phone

First app checked in the morning:  Instagram and Facebook

Last app checked before bedtime:  Pinterest

Site that sucks me in:  YouTube and Pinterest 

Most-used app:  My Fitness Pal and Facebook

Favorite Instagram feed:  My daughter's and gerald_bulldog and yogainspiration

Most listened-to music:  My iTunes playlists

Favorite podcast/s:  Happier with Gretchen Rubin, The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe,  Smithsonian Channel Pick of the Week, The New York Public Library

Cities listed in weather app:  Houston, Austin, Rochester, Sydney

App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line:  Facebook

Game you really wish you could delete (or the people next to me):  Boggle (it's noisy)

Funniest text message of the week:   GIFs my daughter and I exchange

Most surprising app I depend on:  Waze (I just earned my crown!)

Favorite fitness/workout app:  Map My Walk and YogaGlo

Favorite shopping app:  Amazon

Most-watched entertainment app:  Hulu and Netflix

Most-liked photo in my Instagram feed:  A video of my front garden sprinkler spinning

Favorite Instagram photo filter/s:  Clarendon I'm using more, Juno has always been my go-to from the get-go

Favorite food related app:  Yelp

Favorite ringtone:  Between the raindrops

Craziest place I've lost my phone:  On top of the refrigerator, That's why I still keep my landline phone.

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