Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Impressed by Wal-Mart?!

Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you were reading that title.

Remember when I was in Miami and found the Puroast coffee shop and brought back a box of their Vanilla Nut K-Cups?  After carefully rationing, I finally ran out last week.  I looked all around here locally and on their website since I returned without any luck.  Until I Googled last week and saw that Wal-Mart had them...online!  And for a few dollars less.  I could select free pick up in the store (hell no) or for a few dollars extra ($4.97 but when I got the receipt, I was only charged $2.48)  have it delivered.  The only drawback was the estimated delivery date of August 9.  August 9th?!   Okay.  Just as with Dutch Bros., I could order two boxes for the same postage cost as one box.  So I put in my order with Dutch Bros. and Wal-Mart the evening of July 28.  Dutch Bros arrived August 1, and Wal-Mart today, August 2, by Fed Ex yet!

...Along with shampoo/conditioner samples and coupons.

Not to be outdone, Dutch Bros. did send me a new sticker, which I promptly put on my sketchbooks.

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