Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tah-Dah! Burda 8316 Young Fashion Teen View B - Pants

Perfect fit! Aren't these cute-cute-cute!? I love the side seam pleats. Here's the earlier post of the work in progress.
I am a bit concerned that Burda 8316 is designated a "Start 3" pattern. While they print the pattern layout on the directions sheet and the pattern tissue (usually they are just on the tissue), I think for beginners, the directions are a little vague and all over the place. For instance, the leg elastic. I went through the pattern instructions several times and checked the tissue for a measuring/cutting guideline. Wait, back up - the pattern called for 5/8" elastic - a little hard to find, so I used 1/2". OK. No where did it say how long to cut the pieces?! I looked at the back of the envelope and it indicated you needed a 42" piece of 5/8" elastic. So I think, 2 legs, divide by 2 = 21" per leg. That's why the elastic is still pinned and not sewn until L tries them on. Still - one measurement of elastic for sizes 6-18?!

Instead of using eyelets, I made buttonholes for the tie, which appears to be mostly decorative. I'll see how much it pulls in the waist and may just make a mock non-functioning tie the next pair. I can just see that narrow (3/8") tie misbehaving up and down around inside the facing. See the tiny red heart button? You can, right above the bow knot. It's sewn over a snap, and I put a second snap on the underflap next to it. I deviated from the pattern instructions again for that one, too. There was supposed to be a real button closure but since I used the Sandra Betzina fly front, I forgot to set it a little lower to accommodate the button/button hole. And this is other reminder if you use SB's method, don't attach the contour facing first. Then you'll have room to do what you are supposed to do. But, no harm, no foul. The only thing L cares about is them staying up... and shut.

Other than sort of following your own way of pants construction, this is another winning, teen-approved Burda pattern. L mentioned she'd also like a pair of the View A pants, too, probably without the side D rings.

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