Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Burda 8134 View B - Tank Top - & Update

Update 4-10-08 -- Here's the pink version I made this morning, posted not for the applause, but to show the Burda the front is narrower than the back. And to make your eyes buggy with the bias on bias action!

Make it today, wear it tonight!

We take a slight detour from sewing for L for something for me! I got these cute Nick and Nora PJ bottoms from Target as a gift, but unlike their other PJ's, they didn't have matching tops. Somehow a USMC t-shirt did not go with them. I was going to drag out Kwik Sew 2811, but didn't want to spend that much time, fabric and money, so I looked at the Burdas and found a tank top for woven fabric in Burda 8134 and "Tonal Stripe" 100% cotton seersucker in Crocus and Hyacinth on sale 40% off ($4.19/yard before the ASG discount) at Jo-Ann's. Be forewarned, it's a shrinker. I lost almost 4" in a 2 yard cut.

The envelope drawing looked like one was made on the bias and the other on the straight grain. Perhaps that plaid fabric was on the bias and putting it on the bias made it look straight grain? Then the matching pants wouldn't make sense. Confusing. Note and move on. I didn't see any yardage specifics for the View B, so figured bias/straight grain was an either/or option. Turns out not! The yardage amount is for the bias. Good thing I pinned the front and back before cutting and seeing that I would not have enough fabric for the bias armhole and neckline pieces if I laid out on grain. Whew! Usually I just pin and cut when fabric is hanging off the table. Also, be sure you follow the layout instructions - there is just enough room to get all the pieces on. The pieces are that close to each other. Unless you are a pattern layout genius (and Burda is tough to beat), don't lose this tissue bit...I'm glad a took a photo!

I'm pleased how this turned out and will make it again - in Crocus or Hyacinth, whichever the pink one is...probably Hyacinth. I liked the bust darts, which are not shown on the drawings. And they are appropriately placed, given this is lingerie. The bias is fun, especially the hem finish. It's the perfect length and style to go with the Nick and Nora capris. I would note that you may want to get a little extra - 1/8 to 1/4 yard in case of shrinkage. The pattern layout uses every last bit of fabric. Also it runs a little big. I don't know if that is because of the bias or my bias in making my old size. If you are in between sizes, go down and just baste the side seams if you are unsure. The side seams are 5/8" so all would not be lost if you needed to adjust the other way. Now back to sewing for L before this manic sewing phase ends!

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