Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bad bees, bad bees...

...whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they buzz by you?! (with apologies to Inner Circle's Cops TV theme song)

It seems to be bee season around here, even making local news. So imagine my shock (and relief) when the "Gotcha!" truck was on my street mid afternoon yesterday. We had seen bees buzzing around the house across the street, but had no idea there were at least 250,000 of them between the walls, and some Africanized - per the Gotcha Guy. "Go see a movie or stay away for a few hours, it'll be crazy here for awhile" No kidding -- If you look at some of their Gallery photos (including the "Texas Icicles"), you see why I made beeline outta there - to pick up L from school and make a detour at the library for homework time. Almost four hours later, we carefully drove up the street and all was fine. Whew. Last year, Gotcha was designated one of Channel 13's "Marvin's Angels". (Click here for story) Hopefully you won't bee needing any help, but if you would like to help them help others, keep them in mind when you are looking to donate to a do-good company.

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