Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Abstract Glare

Hopefully I can get this painting back for a
moment to take another photo with the glass out!
Sometimes you can see and save parts of an abstract attempt.   The original painting was 10" x 13"  This is inside a 4" x  6" mat opening.    I loved the color and the layers in this section.

What was I trying to do?  Paint random stripes with pretty mid tones of permanent rose and winsor yellow and then partially paint over areas with a mixed black, which made some pretty greens.  Extend and fade out the rose and yellow upwards.  Then use periwinkle gouche under the stripe, along the edges and watered over the top.  Par the course, mine didn't look like the others in class. Thinking I was so done with this and the paint was dry/I didn't care, I leaned it against the wall upside down.  Unbeknownst to me, other forces (such as gravity) were at work.  What I didn't finish was done for me.

Right side up now

I absolutely loved the colors above, and actually turned those into cards.  But that lower right corner, as soon I isolated that in the black mat and frame, it sang.   So much so, my husband took it for his office.

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Monica said...

What a good idea. Water colors have so many properties and ways of working. I keep meaning to practise them and get diverted.