Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - One of Two for Tuesday

Always on the lookout in the tea aisles of any grocery store, I found these bottles of Celestial Lattes at the Signature Kroger today.  First I saw the concentrate in a quart size cartoon for $4.29.  Hmmm.  But wait!  Then I looked one shelf below and found the ready-to-drink bottles for $2.79, made with reduced fat milk.  Before I invested in refrigerator real estate and because premixed chai (powder or liquid) can be hit or miss (shout out here to Austin Java for making their own delicious chai blend! And good-to-know if you are traveling through Austin airport, they have kiosks there.  Try their raspberry caramel tea bags in case their chai is unavailable.) 

Anyways, on a rainy morning, these came home with me.  I tried The Godfather first - it had me at "cocoa"!

Ingredients:  Reduced fat milk, filtered water, cane sugar, brewed chai tea (black tea blend, caramel color, cane sugar, filtered water, natural flavor, honey, citric acid, cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom), potassium citrate, cocoa extract, pectin and espresso.

Calories 150, total fat 3g, sat fat 2g, carbs 27g, sugar 24g, protein 5g

Room temperature/cold - it was OK,  I would have poured it over ice, but I was wanting something warm.  So I poured the bottle into a mug and heated it.   It was pretty sweet.   I decided to cut it with some 2% milk, about 1/4 cup and heated it some more.    I have to say it's not bad.  The clove and cardamon are predominant, followed by a nice amount of cinnamon.  I don't taste the ginger or feel much heat.  I'd give it strong 3+  for its convenience if you are away from and missing your chai tea stash at home.  Perhaps take to work or if you are traveling and want to chill out/warm up without having to pay almost double at Starbucks.

I will up date this post later when I try the Dirty Chai.

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