Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dr. Wayne Dyer

What an amazing person!  But what a legacy he had and has left for us.

My Dad gave me a copy of this book back in 1980
If he passed Dad's muster, then you knew this guy was the real deal.

His Facebook page is posting these each day

Right now Hay House is offering the chance to watch his movie, "The Shift" for free until September 8.  It's a two-hour movie, which I forgot to mention when I sent the link to a friend, but it goes by so quickly and most certainly will resonate with you, too.  Here is the link -- or if that doesn't work, click on the movie title.

Also, several of his books in the eBook format are specially priced at $1.99 on Apple Nook and Amazon  I'm thinking this deal will be good for the month of September, but why wait?  Grab them now!

I also use and enjoy listening to this Moses Code mediation by Dr. Wayne Dyer and James Twyman, "I am - Wishes Fulfilled"   I try to listen to one, or even both of the 21 minute mediations at the beginning of my day or in the afternoon when I need a recharge/reset/recentering.

Introduce or reintroduce yourself and your higher self to Dr. Dyer.  You will be glad to have his guidance, insight and him in your life.

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