Monday, September 07, 2015

I am

Ever start out with an idea in mind and have it turn out differently?  And the harder you tried, the more divergent the direction and outcome.  Kind of goes along with today's watercolor in my sketchbook.

My inspiration was the Vera Bradley Fall Fashion 2015 advertisement in the September Better Homes and Gardens.  The issue with Brooke Shields on the cover.  (I must say this magazine has changed for the better.  I actually bought it because Brooke was on the cover.  So there, peeps in the magazine industry - that's a freebie for you.) Anyways, I have been intrigued with "I am" ever since I started listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer's Wishes Fulfilled meditation CD/iTunes download years ago.  And Exodus 3:14.  Then you start seeing it everywhere.  Engraved on a gold charm necklace of a wonderful and inspiring friend in watercolor class.  A Vera Bradley advertisement.    And so on.

The circles are from a paper receipt tube I've been waiting to get (thank you, Kroger) to use with my Gelli plates and printing.  You can see the cool effect in the second ghost print in my March 25 post when I first tried Gelli printing. And what happens when you pound it into still wet watercolor paper after painting, after reaching that point of no return to the original concept.  (Who says watercoloring is quiet?)

Honestly, I do like the final result (especially the tree/branches), and I am going to turn it into a card print.

Update 9-16-15  Hay House has put most of Dr. Wayne Dyer's audiobooks on sale, 80% off.  The Wishes Fulfilled meditation is now only $3 to download.  Grab it! 

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