Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - Island Tea

This week - Natural Life Cyprus Wild Rose Tea

Price:  I received change back from a $10 bill at Maceo Spice in Galveston, along with a jar of Maceo's Fajita Seasoning - so I'm not quite sure of the price ; )  Their spices and seasonings are wonderful.   Honestly, they give Penzeys a run for their money and they are cheaper, too.  (And be sure to grab a jar of their tomato gravy (sauce) while you are there.  And a muffuletta sandwich.)
Size:  20 tea bags
Caffeine:   No
Type of tea:   Herbal
Steeping time:  3 minutes
Mix ins:   A little bit of Pure Beeing honey
Fragrance:  Roses
Ingredients:  Cyprus Wild Roses
Opinion:   This is a very nice, delicately scented and flavored rose tea.  (Sometimes they can smell and taste like Grandma's soap dish roses.)  It compares to The Steeping Room's Empress' Cup - only difference being the latter has black tea blended and this tea is herbal and caffeine-free.  It's nice to have a choice!  I really liked this tea, a nice change of pace and break from the more robust and spicy teas appearing as we are coming onto Fall.
Rating:  4.5

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