Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - More Fall Flavor Teas

This week - The Republic of Tea - Spices of Fall Tea - Pumpkin Ginger Tea

Price:  $11.99 at Cost Plus World Market (in stores and also available online), bought on sale 20% off $9.59.  I've also seen it at Whole Foods
Size:  50 tea bags
Caffeine:   Yes
Type of tea:   Black
Steeping time:  3-5 minutes
Mix ins:   Delicious as is, or for true decadence and to bring out a pumpkin pie, the vanilla even more, a splash of Natural Bliss.  It was also suggested sweetening with brown sugar to bring out the ginger more.
Fragrance:  Ginger, like a jar of pumpkin pie spicy
Ingredients:  Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, natural ginger and pumpkin flavors, sweet blackberry leaves, nutmeg, cloves, allspice
Opinion:   There are lots of pumpkin teas out there.  But this one tastes the most like pumpkin without being cloy or artificial.  I liked this was a black tea, as opposed to herbal, for a little extra buzz when needed.
Rating:  4, only because it is competing with so many other autumnal flavors out there, but it does hold its own amongst them.

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