Saturday, October 31, 2015

Orchid, 'K?

Keurig K10 Mini

Have you all been seeing the background of my Keurig peeking in my post when taking the pictures of my K-Cups from CoffeeIcon?  Yes, that is purple - Orchid to be exact.  You can't find it in the brick and mortar stores, (unless...keep reading!) but you can online at  While shipping is free, you can save an additional $10 by picking it up at your favorite brick and mortar Target.  They also have other fun colors, but they are often quickly discontinued and replaced with more.  This little guy was just the right size, even though it replaced the larger one I had which would store the water.  It can make up to 10 ounces at a time (6-8-10) and you can remove the tray to fit your larger mugs.  The only ones that won't squeeze underneath are the tall latte ones.  But you can brew into a Pyrex measuring cup and pour into your favorite latte mug.

Regular price for the Mini is $99, but right now this color is only $79 -- then with the additional $10 off, you can get your pop of purple for only $69

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