Tuesday, October 27, 2015

K-Cupdate - Updated 11-24-15

So far the K-Cups from CoffeeIcon are proving to be winners!  Anything 4 and above will be a definite repeat purchase.

Coffees:  They seem to be edging over the teas, go figure!  Even more so the more I try.

Are you sure there aren't crushed up cookies in here?!
Gets the + because it really does taste like a cookie!

It really does taste like vanilla buttercream frosting!
Gets the + for innovative flavor concept
I swore there were chocolate chips in this!
Tastes just like a bakery chocolate chip cookie!
Your loss, Dunkin Donuts when you discontinued
your Peppermint Mocha K-Cups!
There's a new chocolate mint in town.
(And I like this even better!)

Wolfgang Puck Vanilla French Toast
It does taste like it, albeit with cinnamon,
wish it were more vanilla-y
Good chance I may buy again...
*** 3/4 to ****

Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake
Meh, not that rum-y, not that cake-y
Tastes "different"  perhaps better for afternoon
Not first thing in the morning

This slightly edged out Copper Moon's Chai Latte
Nice balance of spices
**** 1/2

It already has milk (powder) so it was ready to drink at the get-go.
And vitamins and minerals!
(maybe from the milk?)
First one I didn't like
Very astringent, hot bite and aftertaste
Didn't even finish the mug
This is good - I needed the black tea caffeine boost
However, I have this in the teabags, so next time I will reserve
it's space for something else
The teabags are also capable of being brewed a little stronger
 *** 1/2
It tasted a little too artificial and too sweet,
especially since I have been cutting back on adding sugar.
I'm giving it a 2, just incase you like sweet tea.
I thought the spices were really nice
Note: This has the milk already added

Oh yes!
This will be my new go-to hot chocolate.  It really does taste like Tootsie Roll!
My only advice is to use 8 ounce of water, not 10, for even more richness.

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