Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's Costco Find

Via Austin -- Two piece Swiss Army luggage set in PURPLE! (Not quite as bright violet as the flash distorted below) Priced at $89; I thought that was a good price - an even better one was a surprise additional markdown of $20 at the register! There was one left at the new South Austin store. I didn't know Swiss Army made luggage, too, but just like their knives, there's lots of cool compartments and features! It definitely pays to troll different Costcos in different cities. I didn't see this in Houston.
In other good news, Krispy Kreme donuts no longer have trans fat. The big sign outside a nice Krispy Kreme on Stassney Lane told me so. KK's are no longer in Houston, so it was a treat make a stop for a fix.

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