Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Burda 8516 Young Fashion Teen View B - Blouse

Burda 8516 - View B. The hidden treasure. I don't know why the website doesn't show this cute-r version instead of a belly button!

This is another Burda teen success story! I love just being able to cut and sew for L straight from the pattern, with the only adjustment in length (added 2" to front and back, left the sleeves alone). The fabric is from Jo-Ann's red tag mark down shelves - $2/yard cotton. Running a little on the narrow side, the 4" added for in length took away from what I needed for the neck edge bias strip. But I was able to find a coordinating stripe fabric from the stash and we actually like the contrast look better! The center front is also stitched 4" closed 1" above the waist, leaving the top and bottom open. It's hard to tell that from the photo and the drawing. (However, per Dad not Burda, she will wear a tank or pretty camisole underneath!) There are also two darts, not just the one shown in the sketch. She is still surprised at how clothes are really supposed to fit. Burda is going to spoil her. The underarm seams come up higher than what she's used to, eliminating all the bunching she gets in RTW. She loves the ties untied or loosely twisted once - they stay put with this slightly rough cotton print. The ties would also be pretty with bead accents both where they are attached and at the ends. Next time!

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