Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunny time

The bunny background --

It is a pattern from SOS Designs, circa 1981. If you couldn't tell it was 1981 by the date, you could from the materials list -- cotton polyester velour and qiana! SOS Designs had a lot of cute patterns in the early 80's. (While I doubt they are still in business under this name, their address was Box 14462, Columbus, OH 43214.) I believe one of the Big 4 pattern companies bought them out (Butterick? Simplicity?); I remember seeing their patterns in the craft section a few years later. The pattern was so cute because it included outfits -- overalls, pinafore, vest with collar (!), a dress, and a long eyelet dress. Such detail and using knit fabric for the body and ears was very forgiving and easy to sew. I made a bunch of them to give away and fortunately kept one. The carrot was my idea wrapping a fabric scrap with orange embroidery thread and the leaves a green embroidery thread tassel. The patterns still pop up occasionally at garage sales, thrift stores and eBay.

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