Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Breakfast in Australia

Slightly banged up from my suitcase
50 tea bags!

Another polite tea box!
Love the design of the teabag wrapper

Good use for leftover Easter Seals
(Please tell me you don't see my pink PJ's reflected)

Two neat rows - no wonder the box wasn't that big

Another gorgeously-colored tea
Whoops - started drinking and couldn't stop
until I remembered to take a picture

I love my English Breakfast teas and this is my latest addition to the tea-m.   The pretty opened wrapper had a slight smokey scent. I split the difference in the suggested brewing time (3-5) and did 4 minutes, turning my mug into a pretty reddish gold.  A little on the astringent side without adding the Coffee Mate Sugar Free Italian Cream, but afterwards - very yummy.  It has a clean finish at the end, without an aftertaste.  And a nice wakeup call shot of caffeine.  I would definitely give this a solid 4 and will probably grab another box, despite the generous amount of 50 (!) teabags (49).  Stocking up on a good everyday tea is a good thing.

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