Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Back to Bed

This week - Bigelow American Breakfast Tea with Honey

Price: ~ $2.49 at Kroger
Size:  20 teabags, individually wrapped
Caffeine:   Yes
Type of Tea:    Black
Steeping time:  4 minutes
Mix ins:  It tastes awful plain, and Coffee Mate Sweet Italian Cream Sugar Free cannot save it.
Fragrance:  Slightly sweet, you can detect a honey scent.
Ingredients:  Black tea, natural honey flavors with other natural flavors (?), black tea extract, licorice root.
Opinion:   Being carb conscious, I was intrigued with the idea per the box this tea had honey in it, yet no carbs/nutrition information was listed.   Perhaps I should have read the label further and saw it was honey flavor and had licorice root.  Let's just say licorice and honey are not a simpatico combination in this tea.  The tea has extra caffeine from the boost of Theanine - black tea extract.  You would think it would be winner worth getting out of bed and starting your day - no.  Hit the snooze/pass button on this.

Yum and Fun with Caffeine

Instead, play around with your My K-Cup on your Keurig and try this.  Eventually I am figuring out how much to fill it.  So far I'm now leaving about 3/8th of an inch from the top and it only overflows/expands a little bit now under the lid cover.
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