Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Tea for Tuesday - March on

A continuation of last week's Daintee gift tea promotion,  this week's tea boxes are Earl Gray and Organic Peppermint

Earl Gray Tea - 5 stars
Ingredients:  Black tea, natural Bergamot flavor with other natural flavorings (5%)
Steeping time:  3 1/2 minutes

Very bergamot-y!  This could be the best Earl Gray tea I've tried.  It tastes especially good with the Coffee Mate Sugar Free Italian Cream.   Winner!  I will definitely seek this one out again.  It looks like you can order it on Amazon.  Or try calling their 800 number - 1-800-646-6974

Earl Gray on the left, Peppermint on the right

Organic Peppermint Tea - 4.25 stars
Ingredients:  Organically grown imported peppermint
Steeping time:  3 minutes

Very smooth peppermint with just a touch of sweetness on its own.  I didn't add any sweetener.  It brewed to a lovely color, too.   A great after dinner or evening tea, since there isn't any caffeine.  If I find this again while looking for the Earl Gray, I would grab another box to the boxes I would buy of the Earl Gray.

Funny, how I thought when I purchased this set, that the English Breakfast would be my favorite, followed by the Peppermint and then the Earl Grey.  For what it's worth, I also busted my March Madness brackets early, too.

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