Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tea for Tuesday - In running for the race in first place

This week's Australian tea is actually Australian tea - Madura of Australia English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea from New South Wales.

Note (to Sherry!) - you can buy this online, in a box of 50 tea bags versus loose for $5.87 and $4.90 shipping.  Sign up for their emails and receive notice of discount codes and specials.
(And I'm trying to figure out how I can go on their estate tour next time I return to Australia!)

Even the box is polite!
Nicely wrapped inside

Gorgeous color!

A little splash of Coffee Mate Sugar Free Italian Cream is all it needs!
This is now one of my Top 5 English Breakfast teas and I am definitely grabbing a couple of these, generously-sized I must add, 200 gram boxes next trip to Australia.

But in the meantime here I am also going to grab a new package of Rishi paper tea bags.  I'm about to run out.  I tried to go green with this silicone tea bag the second time I brewed this and just made a mess -- both inside and outside the cup.  Tea leaves fell out during brewing and then wouldn't come out easily after brewing when I tried to empty it.  
Read the tea leaves -
"You made a mess and probably got your fiber too with the tea"

Seemed like a good idea when I bought it

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